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Flax Crop

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Flax Crop
Flax Crop.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Farming
Object(s) Required Seeds of Flax
Required By Flax Fibre, Seeds of Flax
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Flax Crop may be grown to yield various farming products.

Planting and Harvesting


  • To plant Seeds you must first create a Plowed Field.
  • Left-click the seeds in your inventory and then Right-click on the plowed field you wish to plant them on.
  • Shift + Right-clicking on a seed will make your cursor change to better select an entire area to sow.
  • You may use a Bucket to hold up to 1000 seeds.


  • Right-Click on a crop to harvest it.
  • Shift + Right-clicking on a crop will change your cursor and make it easier to select an entire area to harvest from.
  • Seeds will automatically stack into a bucket if equipped.


Flax Crop's growing speed is affected by Bee Skep, Realm Bonuses, Farmer Credo and hidden ground spots.


Flax Crops have four stages of growth:

Flax Crop Stage 1.png Stage 1: The flax field has just been planted. It cannot be picked at this stage.
Flax Crop Stage 2.png Stage 2: The flax field is growing. It cannot be picked.
Flax Crop Stage 3.png Stage 3: The flax field is growing, and closer to being ready for harvest. It cannot be picked.
Flax Crop Stage 4.png Stage 4: The flax field is now ready for harvest! Harvesting the flax field provides 5-18 Flax Seeds and 1 Flax Fibre, depending on your farming Skills and whather or not your hearthling has the Farmer Credo.