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Caprifole Berries

From Ring of Brodgar
Caprifole Berries
Caprifole Berries.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required None
Produced By Caprifole Bush
Specific Type of Seed of Tree or Bush
Required By Caprifole Bush, (Seed of Tree or Bush: Mirkwood Offering)
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Caprifole Berries can be gathered from a Caprifole Bush. They can be planted to grow more Caprifole Bushes.

Plant them in a Treeplanter's Pot with 4 Soil and 1 liter of Water, then placed them on an Herbalist Table to begin the sprouting process. You have 8 hours to plant it. If it dies, you must empty the pot and start over again. To plant the Caprifole Berries by hand, have a Shovel equipped and right click the berry on an empty spot on the ground. Take note that planting bushes and trees with a shovel may result in stunting, and the quality of said trees and bushes will not go over 10.