New world 12 as of 6 March 2020 HnH Topic: World 12
Satiation reworked as of Feasting Leonardo (2019-12-11) patch.

Filet of Zander

From Ring of Brodgar
Filet of Zander
Filet of Zander.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required None
Object(s) Required Zander
Produced By Sharp Tool
Specific Type of Filet of Any Fish
Required By Dried Filet of Zander, Roast Filet of Zander, (Filet of Any Fish: Unbaked Fishpie, Unbaked Fishwrap)
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How to Acquire

Butcher a Zander.

How to Use


  • The quality of the caught fish is determined primarily by map data. The Q on your fishing gear can only reduce fish quality if lower than the fish's.
  • The quality of the fish filet is soft capped by tool quality and survival skill. As of Feasting Leonardo (2019-12-11) patch.