Ring of Brodgar:Article Standards

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Article Standards

  • All game items should have their own articles, including ore nuggets and uncooked foods (such as doughs).
  • Articles are to be named exactly as the items are in-game, down to capitalization. This counts for linking in articles too (e.g. when mentioning Beetroot Leaves in an article, it must read [[Beetroot Leaves]]).
  • All articles, if applicable, should have a template (Usually the Infobox metaobj)

General Ring of Brodgar editing standards:

  • Key combinations for crafting recipes and other shortcuts should be marked with the GM template.
    • For Example: {{GM|$Craft|$Food|$Sausages|Tame Game $Liverwurst}}
  • Categories for each page should be placed at the top of the page, Just below the Infobox
  • Conclusions and Test data: When you have tested something, its good practice to share the all data that lead you to a given conclusion.
  • Math Should follow this format. Leave a space above and below Math Formulas

Image Standards

  • All game items should have their own associated images, taken from their inventory view (not from crafting menus or dropped items).
    • All Items have an Invobjs Resource associated with it, which can be found on Haven's website. Go to http://www.havenandhearth.com/mt/r/gfx/invobjs/hedgehog and edit the last string to the object you want.
    • Some objects aren't named the way you would expect. Romovs, the creator the the Amber client, has a list of Resources which you can access using the hyperlink listed above.
  • Every item image should be named as they are in-game, just as articles (i.e. File:Blueberry_Pie_Dough.png).
  • General image formats to use: JPG for large images (like general in-game images), PNG for icon sized/type images (like game-icons), and GIF for animation. (note: with image extensions in lower-case)
  • All game-icon images should have transparent backgrounds.
  • In-game views of buildings such as Log Cabins and Ovens should be used.

Things to Avoid

  • Non-English content should remain off the wiki. This is an English wiki; everything else clutters up the articles.
  • Information and articles about players, player groups and villages should remain off the wiki unless significantly relevant
  • Writing styles that are inconsistent with the rest of the wiki.
  • Picking a unconventional user-name. It might look good at first, but they might come with long term down sides. (also, just a thought: what if ... every wiki-user would use a similar kind of unconventional name ...)