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Points available at character creation stage

(A nitty-gritty details rundown --.MvGulik. 07:59, 10 March 2020 (EDT) )

Basic pick and run:
Soil 50 Note: Need to use crawl speed to get to shore, or you run out of energy to dig for it.
(Any clay) 50
Ball clay 50
Red-clay 50
Branch 50
Treebark 50
Tough Bark 50
(Any Bough) 100
Spruce bough 50
(Any Cone) 100
Pine Cone 50
Spruce Cone 50
(Any Berry) 50
Caprifole Berries 50
Nightshade Berries 50
Willow Catkin 50
___total___ 900
Additional crafting:
Cone Cow 100 Note: You need a lucky lore experience with points to be able to put in into your study.
Fire brand 50
Ash 100 Note: Put lite Fire brand into inventory before it burns out.
___total___ 1150
Going the extra mile:
Skill: +Foraging -25
Skill: +Pottery -125
Unfired Clay Jar(3) 50
Unfired Toy Chariot(4) 50
Unfired Earthenware Platter(4) 50
___total___ (breakeven point) 1150
Unfired Pot(5) 50
Unfired Urn(10) 50
___total___ 1250 (Little gain for a lot of work)
Possible, but really not wort the effort:
Build Kiln(45) ...
(Any brick) 50
Red brick 50
Yellow brick 50
___total___ 1400
Clay Jar 50
Toy Chariot 50
Earthenware Platter 50
___total___ 1550
Pot ? (took/taking way to long to be of any interest)
Urn ? (took/taking way to long to be of any interest)
___total___ ???