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Subject 1

I feel like a slight freshen up of the homepage might be good, mostly stuff aimed at new players as this is the best source of information there is. Maybe stuff like "Escaping Starting Area" could be "Starting a New Character", maybe locate it towards the top of the page. Pages about combat could be upfront on top and maybe unified in a way to teach new players to stay away from things. Soukuw (talk) 04:46, 24 July 2021 (UTC)

"Escaping Starting Area" seem not 'that' wrong as link title to me, as truly new users might potentially get lost in it due to not knowing what to do (but only ones I expect). I think the general location of things/links don't matter 'that' much here. As long as things are grouped and labeled properly. .MvGulik. 09:40, 24 July 2021 (UTC)

Subject 2

Hello everyone, I have just registered and am trying to understand how it works so maybe I can help out in the future. I wanted to suggest, if possible, to put the server time, season and day, on the front page, it might be useful for many.

Bye, thanks, see you soon.

"server time, season and day, on the front page"

I'm pretty sure that we used to have indicator for that, but then Winter was changed to five days, down from five. This broke the system Wiki used.

While this is presumably something that would have been fixable, I can understand that motivation for that could be limited. They could not know if devs decide to make further adjustments to season lengths, requiring indicator to be fixed again.

Not long ago I might have said that the current seasons system with five days of winter is here to stay, but considering the "anti-winter radiance" of various base objects, devs could think that main problem with winter has been solved and it's okay to make winter ten days again.

Other than that

It also needed to be recalculated and updated after 'every' server timeout. And as creator & sole maintainer (and final canceler) of it. I got tired of doing that. If the related server date/time data could have been easily pulled from some online source or with some tool (ie: without the need to go into the game itself for this) the story might have ended differently.