From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 2
Skill(s) Required None
Object(s) Required Grapes
Produced By Extraction Press
Required By Stale Grapejuice, Wine
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How to Acquire

Put Grapes into an Extraction Press, right-click it and press the Press button. This will put grapejuice in the press (shown as a bar); two full pressings will fill the press with juice.

With an empty bucket selected, right-click the press to fill the bucket with juice.


Grapejuice is placed in demijohns to ferment into Wine. Grapejuice will not ferment if placed in a barrel. If left in the press or any container (other than the demijohn) for 5 hours, it will turn into Stale Grapejuice which eventually turns into Vinegar.

If you add more grapejuice later, the fermentation doesn't reset but averages.


Loftar wrote: Nope, it's not reset; the time it will take for the fermentation to finish is the average of the time for the fresh and the half-fermented grape-juice to complete, weighted by the amount of each. In other words, if you have a barrel with Ae liters of grape-juice which will take De units of time to ferment, and put in An liters of fresh grape-juice which will take Dn units of time to ferment, the time it will take for the mixture to complete will be ((De * Ae) + (Dn * An)) / (Ae + An).


The quality of the grapejuice depends on the quality of the winepress and the averaged qualities of the pressed grapes.