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Hungry » Bloated
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required None
Terrain Swamp
Object(s) Required None
Slot(s) Occupied Any
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Leeches decrease your SHP slowly, but for every point of SHP damage there's a chance of them healing a point of HHP. The amount of SHP drained depends on the quality of the Leech, with q10 Leeches doing 3 SHP damage and q40 doing 12 damage. Each time a Leech drains your SHP, its quality will increase or decrease towards your Constitution.

Because Leeches deal SHP damage, which is healed by taking points from the Hunger bar, it's possible to use them as a means to get hungrier faster for faster stat boosts.

Equipped Leeches go dormant when the character wearing them is logged out. So there is no danger of receiving any damage, or any healing for that matter, from equipped Leeches while the character is logged out.

Once a Leech becomes bloated it will no longer have any effect on you, but Bloated Leeches will become skinny again after sitting in your inventory or a container for eight real hours (+/- 30 min). It is a good idea to collect leeches and store them for future use.

If you're already covered in Leeches, and plan on spending extended time in a swamp, there's no real harm in leaving them equipped. After 3 bites they will become bloated and will no longer injure you. On the other hand, removing them will allow new, hungrier leeches to take their place and cause more damage overall.

How to Acquire

Walk around or stand in a Swamp with empty equipment slots, and Leeches will soon attach themselves to empty equipment slots. If you re-enter a boat that is close to the swamp you continue collecting leeches while embarked (until the boat is moved). You can use this to save stamina and effort while collecting fishing bait.


  • Leeches disappear when dropped.
  • Leeches make excellent fishing bait as well, especially when bloated.
  • The only other way to heal your HHP is to make Gauze and bandage your head.
  • Leech takes "floor(leech_Q*3/10)" hitpoints with a single bite.
  • If you're newbie and you run out of clogs You can use leech as a boots.
  • Leeches appear in any kind of Swamp.
  • Leeches will gain and lose quality towards your Constitution.
  • Each time a leech damages you, its quality will rise/drop by 1 point closer to your Constitution.
  • Higher quality leeches regain more HHP.
  • If you have 0 SHP, Leeches will deal HHP damage to you.
  • Leech activity is paused when the character they are on is logged out.


If your SHP goes down to 0 you will then become unconscious and will continue to lose HHP slowly until the leeches become bloated. Be careful not to let them drain all of your SHP, it is not likely, but your character could die if not given the chance to pick them off while conscious.