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Poppy Grist

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Poppy Grist
Poppy Grist.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Farming
Object(s) Required Dried Poppy Pod
Produced By Quern
Required By Opium
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One of the last stages of production of Opium. Must be rendered in a boiling Cauldron to obtain Opium.

Jorb himself comments on the process; "You, indeed, get a ratio of 1:10 grist to opium. If you boil less than 0.1 grist, you simply get the corresponding random chance to get opium out of the deal. So 0.01 grist will give you 0.01 opium 10% of the time."

How to Acquire

Grind Dried Poppy Pod in a Quern to obtain Poppy Grist; produces .05 - .10 kg of grist per pod.