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Skull Throne

From Ring of Brodgar
Skull Throne
Skull Throne.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Rage
Object(s) Required Hearthling Skull x10, Bone Material x20, Silk Cloth x4
Produced By Hand
Symbel statistics
FEP modifier 1%
Hunger modifier 5%
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A Skull Throne is a type of chair, furniture that allows you to Feast at a table. A character can sit in a chair by right-clicking on it.

How to Acquire

To get 10 Hearthling Skulls, you must pick the skeletons of 10 killed worthy Hearthlings (>50 Intelligence and >100k LP).


  • If you get stuck in a chair by people placing objects around you, you can destroy the chair while sitting on it to escape.
  • There's currently a bug that rotates the chair you're sitting on along with you while trying to Travel to your Hearth Fire.