Any Pigment

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Any Pigment
Any Pigment.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Object(s) Required Beige Pigment, Black Pigment, Blue Pigment, Brown Pigment, Gray Pigment, Green Pigment, Lime Pigment, Orange Pigment, Pink Pigment, Purple Pigment, Red Pigment, Teal Pigment, Turquoise Pigment, White Pigment, Yellow Pigment
Required By (8) Easter Egg, Easter Egg (Blue), Easter Egg (Green), Easter Egg (Pink), Easter Egg (Red), Rectangular Parchment Lantern, Scholarly Account, Shiny Marbles
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Any Pigment is a game class-type referring to one of the following 15 game-objects:

 Beige Pigment  Beige Pigment.png Black Pigment  Black Pigment.png Blue Pigment (1) Blue Pigment.png Brown Pigment  Brown Pigment.png Gray Pigment  Gray Pigment.png Green Pigment (1) Green Pigment.png Lime Pigment  Lime Pigment.png Orange Pigment  Orange Pigment.png Pink Pigment  Pink Pigment.png Purple Pigment  Purple Pigment.png Red Pigment (3) Red Pigment.png Teal Pigment  Teal Pigment.png Turquoise Pigment  Turquoise Pigment.png White Pigment (1) White Pigment.png Yellow Pigment  Yellow Pigment.png

(n): (Superscript) Number of items in that type-group.
(n): (Subscript) Number of crafts that specifically require this item.

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