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The Symbel: Feasting

"... the sacred boar was brought in. The men laid their hands upon it, and oaths were sworn."

Knowing the rites and customs of 'The Symbel' allows you to host Great Feasts. Line up the tables, light the great bonfire, and feast through the night, the day, and the night again.

Feasting allows you to not only eat more food, but also to get more FEPs per food unit eaten.

Build a Table. The table can be equipped with up to nine different items. Pull up a Chair and have a seat. Now right-click on the table. You get nice little bonuses to your eating depending on the Quality of the Symbel items placed on it. You can see these bonuses displayed in the table's interface. While seated, and with the table's interface open, click feast. You now get to see a fork. Now click on a food item in the table's inventory. Tada! Eating, and bonuses applied.

You can create various kinds of objects to put on the table. These Symbel items degrade over time. They each have a certain chance of degrading every time a food unit is eaten off of the table. For instance, gold symbelware is much slower in degrading than temporary flower arrangements. If they degrade,one point of wear is added. If an item reaches maximum wear, it is destroyed. It is noteworthy that the bonuses granted by the symbel items decrease with increasing wear of the item. Regular exchange or "repair" of symbel items via hearth magic (polish the silver) is necessary to maintain high level bonuses. Please note that you can only get bonuses from one instance of a particular item type. Psyche is relevant for all these crafts.

In addition, eating with friends and building a Bonfire allows you to feast even longer and with better bonuses. The bonus determined by the collected hunger modifiers of all active tables, factored by the average charisma of everyone at the party. Please note that the FEP-bonus is only ever applied to the table in question, never shared with the extended party in any way. The person with the highest charisma should light the bonfire, as charisma of the host of the evening is obviously relevant for the bonus.