Mound Bed

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Mound Bed
Mound Bed.png
The fecund warmth of the Mound Bed radiates the life of summer around it. Within the radius of a Mound Bed, winter holds no sway.
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 3
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. (unknown)
Object(s) Required Mulch x12, Straw x6
Repaired With Mulch
Can be Lifted No
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Icon keyboard.pngBuild > Mound Bed

Mound Beds have two main functions.

1) They provide a radius of ~20 tiles which prevents the normal effects of Winter.

2) Anything (i.e. herbs) that can be planted in a Garden Pot can also be planted in a Mound Bed.

Season Changing Effects

In the area affected by a mound bed:

1) Snow will not stick to the ground in winter. (Not sure, but don't think it snows at all.)

2) Normal effects of winter on field and trellis crops do not occur. You can continue to farm normally all winter.

3) The effects on trees are weird and a bit counter-intuitive.

If a mound bed is placed in late autumn, the area covered remains in autumn for purposes of tree and bush growth until the mound bed is destroyed, or expires. This includes any trees or bushes planted, even those planted the following spring.

This means you may want to destroy any mound beds affecting your trees/bushes on the first day of spring, before replanting, in order to get the spring bonus to tree growth speed. (Or maybe not, if the particular tree/bush species you are growing don't produce their fruit in spring.)

See also the "possibly outdated notes" section below.

Herb Growth

Anything that can be planted in a Garden Pot (i.e. herbs) can also be planted in a Mound Bed.

The quality of the herbs produced will be the same as that of the herbs planted (softcapped by farming). This can be quite useful.

The harvested amount varies between 5 to 14 herbs. (potentially 4..16)

The first time you plant herbs in a new mound bed, you need to first water the mound bed.

Replanting in the same mound bed doesn't require re-watering.


  • The radius affected by a mound bed only shows when building it; the only other way to determine the area affected by a given mound bed is to wait for winter, and observe where snow doesn't stick.
  • A mound bed has no hitbox that prevents unit collision (you can walk over it) but you can't build anything on top of it ("That site is occupied.")
    • You can plow or pave land that has a mound bed built on it.
  • Mound beds have no quality; there is thus no advantage to using good materials when building them.
  • A mound bed with herbs growing in it will not decay until the herbs are harvested. Without the herbs, it will decay and eventually disappear.
    • If the mound bed with herbs is ready to disappear, it will do so when you harvest the herbs.
    • This is probably useful for making sure mound beds don't disappear during winter. (It appears that mound beds planted in later autumn can be expected to last through winter even without herbs. But perhaps there's some randomness.)
  • Although the snow melting effect of mound beds will cross normal mini-map borders. It will not cross super-grid borders.

Possibly Outdated Notes

  • Tree inside a mound bed range will not switch their season state (so far). So autumn trees stay in autumn mode. While trees already in winter mode also stay in winter mode (+no seeds regeneration)
    • Currently there seems to be a bug that does weird/inconsistent tree-season-mode switching when the mound bed becomes inactive or is removed. (seems fixed, + no reoccurring complaints about this seen on forum.)
    • Trees planted inside the mount bed range will start in (?) season mode.


Game Development

  • Planting Roster (2022-11-23) >"Added planting to "Mound Bed"s.
    :Herbs can now be planted in "Mound Bed"s, much like in Gardener's Pots.
    :The beds yield a larger harvest than the pots, but at significantly slower speed.
    :You must water the bed before planting in it.
    :If the bed would have decayed away while it has stuff planted in it, it will not decay, but instead visually dry up to indicate that it is spent, and disappear after harvest.
    :Beds do not increase quality of herbs planted, but rather stay at the same quality as the input.
    :You can now walk over Mound Beds, and they do not block your movement.
  • Summer Mound (2022-11-13) >"Added "Mound Bed". The Mound Bed radiates a fairly sizeable summer aura around it. The bed lasts for about three RL weeks, and then decays. We intend to make it possible to plant things in Mound Beds at some point, but we're not quite there yet."