Stink of Battery

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Stink of Battery
Stink of Battery.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Required By (2) Nidbane Fetter, Scrying Juice
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Stink of Battery a foul Scent left behind by the perpetrator of a crime.

Stink of Battery is a heinous crime committed whenever someone knocks another player unconcious. It can be used to try to find the perpetrator and seek revenge.
Stink of Battery can be used to craft a Nidbane Fetter using a Runed Dolmen and send a Nidbane after the criminal.

How to Acquire

To leave Scents behind, you must have Criminal Acts toggled on in the Toggles Menu.
To discover Scents, you must have Tracking toggled on in the Toggles Menu.

To Acquire Scents, first have tracking turned on and then Right-click on the smoking footprint (specifically, the footprint itself) and select track to collect a limited number of scents.
You will only to be able to detect Scents if your Perception * Exploration is higher than the criminal's Stealth * Intelligence