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Timber House

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Timber House
Timber House.png
Vital statistics
Size 7 x 7
Skill(s) Required Carpentry
Object(s) Required Block of Wood x120, Board x60, Thatching Material x30
Required By Cellar
Repaired With Board
Can be Lifted No
Can be Locked Yes
Hit Points 7000
Soak Value 7
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A timber house is a large structure which can be entered. Inside is a 6x6 tiles housing in which furniture or liftable containers can be stored. Anything liftable left in a timber house will not decay (excepting animal carcasses) making it a good storage area especially for Cupboards, which are notorious in being destroyed in one decay hit. Because of this, most houses tend to hold cupboards, which are excellent storage containers once the downsides has been negated with housing. Any items that can go into the inventory dropped here can still be lost, however.

Timber House needs a 7x7 area of open non-forest terrain.