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Capes are worn on the back, the 9L slot. They can be worn along with a backpack. Some come with a Hood which takes up the 1L (headgear) slot as well. Notable Capes include:

The Ant Queen's Wings are gained from slaying the legendary Ant Queen, the final boss of an Ant Hill Dungeon. It can be studied as a curiosity, or worn.

The Bat Wing and Hussar's Wings go in the cape slot and are the only equipment items to do so that grant armor.

The Heraldic Cape can have an image painted upon it using a Custom Image Sketch.

The Dev Cape or Merchant's Cape is a bright pink cape that has no stat buffs or gilding slots. It can only be obtained by a developer gifting it to you.

The Legacy:Xanadu Hound's Cape is a since deprecated and unobtainable cape from Legacy.

The Creel isn't actually a "Cape", but a wearable container with specific inventory that only holds fish. It's listed here because it uses the Cape slot.

Below are all Capes in the game.

Capes Hood Slots
Ant Queen's Wings No 9L or 7R
Hussar's Wings No 9L or 7R
Bat Wing No 9L
Creel No 9L
Dev Cape No 9L
Heraldic Cape No 9L
Hermine Cape No 9L
Hirdsman's Cape No 9L
Straw Cape No 9L
Swan Feather Cape No 9L
Bear Cape Yes 9L & 1L
Cave Angler Cape Yes 9L & 1L
Lynx Cape Yes 9L & 1L
Ranger's Cape Yes 9L & 1L
Reindeer Cape Yes 9L & 1L
Walrus Cape Yes 9L & 1L
Wolf Cape Yes 9L & 1L

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