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Vital statistics
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Winemaking
Object(s) Required Grapejuice
Produced By Demijohn
Required By (3) Beeted Bird Breast, Brandy, Vinegar
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Wine is an alcoholic drink acquired by processing Grape Juice. Wine buffs the effects of Vegetables and Meat by 0.5%, Cheese by 1.0% per gulp at Q10. Each drink will also add a negative satiation against itself, thus granting diminishing return on the buff.

How to Acquire

Build a Demijohn and fill it with Grapejuice. Juice turns to Wine after one week. In order to halt the fermented Wine's further progression into Vinegar, one must store it in a barrel or a Wine Bottle.

How to Use

The proper way to drink Wine is from the Wine Glass, not drinking out of a proper vessel halves the effective quality of your Wine.


  • Quality 10 Wine recovers 10% stamina and drains 20% energy per 0.05L sip. Higher quality Wine will decrease the energy drain but stamina recovery remains the same at all qualities.
  • This makes high quality Wine useful for performing stamina draining tasks without having to eat as much to recover, thus preserving your hunger bonus. Though energy is always shown as a whole number, it is not simply rounded up or down. For example, Q11 Wine will alternate between draining 20% and 19% energy at regular intervals. Other drinkable liquids follow the same rules and formula.
  • Energy Drain =
  • According to that formula initial quality growth is more effective, and it always higher than 10% per 0.05 sip. Naturally stamina regenerate 10% per 10% energy.


The quality of the Wine depends solely on the quality of the grapejuice.

Quick Facts

  • Alcohol does not reduce travel weariness like it did in Legacy.
  • It is possible to enter Knocked Out state by overusing alcohol.

Game Development

  • Still Brandy (2021-06-19) >"Added/Re-added drunkenness. When consuming alchoholic beverages, you now get a tiered buff, much like you did in Legacy Haven."
  • Grade-A Milk (2016-04-12) >"Added new mechanic for drinks. All drinks restore stamina much like water, but they also buff particular food satiations. ...
    Also note that drinks will count as half-quality if you drink them from a non-preffered vessel (i.e. drinking wine from anything but a wine glass). Drinking vessel type does not affect the effective quality for stamina regeneration purposes.