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Vital statistics
Hitpoints ?
Creature-Products Cow's Milk, Raw Beef x10, Animal Fat, Intestines x2, Entrails x3, Fresh Cow Hide, Bone Material x6, Suckling's Maw from youngs.
This data is specified at the individual Terrain pages.

Cattle are domesticated creatures, kept mainly for Milk and Raw Beef. In order to obtain cattle, you must tame Aurochss. Cattle can be lead around by right clicking a Rope onto the animal.

Cattle eat 4.5 units of food per day (a Food Trough holds 2000 units; 1L of swill = 10 fodder). Pregnant cows eat 5 times as much at 22.5 units per day. A lactating cow eats 4.5 units of food per day, plus 0.1 unit for every 1L of milk produced. [Verify]


Cows are female cattle. They are commonly kept for their ability to produce cow's milk, as well as for their meat.


Bulls are male cattle. Left with a cow, the bull will impregnate her, indicated by a distinct mating animation. Bulls are also used to pull wagons.


Calves are adolescent cattle. They will grow into either a bull or a cow in 10 real life days. In addition to the regular products, calves give you a Suckling's Maw when butchered.

How to acquire

To obtain a cow or bull you have to tame an Aurochs. Tamed Aurochsen will become either a cow or a bull.


A female cow will take 4.5 real life days to give birth.

A calf takes 10 real life days to grow up. [Verify]

Breeding for animals with higher quality stats is much more difficult than it is to grow higher quality crops. The quality of any of the calf's stat is the average of the male and female's stat, +20 -> -5 [Verify], and then soft capped by the breeding quality of the male involved. Since you're typically looking for multiple stats, on top of getting more breeding stat, this can prove to be a slow task.

Cows can have twins on rare occasions.

You can tell the gender of calves by the information window title, it will say Bull for males and Cow for females.


Once cows have given birth to a calf, they start producing milk. Heifers, cows that have not given birth yet, do not produce milk, thus you will need access to a Bull in order to get milk from a cow. Cows can only 'store' a maximum of 25L at a time. Calves drink the milk, so be sure to leave enough for them.

Cows produce Milk at a rate of Milk Quantity * 0.01 per 10 minutes. That is 0.1L/10 minutes at Quantity 10. 0.4L/10 minutes at Quantity 40, 2.0L/10 minutes at Quantity 200.

See Animal Qualities for more information.

Tips & Tricks

It is a good idea to separate your bulls from your cows, to ensure that you can select the highest quality bull to mate with your cows when you want calves. Also you can castrate your lower quality bulls to stop them from breeding and acquire beef bollocks. You should also use your lowest quality bull to pull a wagon, since quality has no effect on wagon-pulling and if you have to flee and leave your wagon behind, then the loss will not be as bad.

In-Game Example(s)

Cattle-dead.png Dead Bull. Can be skinned for Fresh Cow Hide.
Cattle-skinned.png Skinned Bull. Can be butchered for Intestines, Entrails, Animal Fat and Raw Beef.
Cattle-skeleton.png Bull Skeleton. Can be collected for Bone Material.