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Magpie Meat

From Ring of Brodgar
Magpie Meat
Meat Poultry.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Hunting
Object(s) Required Cleaned Magpie
Produced By Sharp Tool
Specific Type of Poultry, Raw Meat
Required By Roast Magpie, Unbaked Magpie (Pie), (Poultry: Beeted Bird Breast, Deep Fried Bird, Leeky Fowl, Two-Bird Skewer, Unbaked Poultry Pot Pie), (Raw Meat: Animal Fat, Autumn Steak, Butcher's Surprise, Chum Bait, Encumbered Roast, Jotun's Morsel, Marrow Roast, Meat-in-Jelly, Onion Skewer, Pumpkin Stew, Raw Kebab Roll, Roast Meat, Steak & Tubers, Unbaked Meatpie)
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How to Acquire

Magpie Meat is acquired from butchering a Cleaned Magpie.


  • The quality of Magpie Meat while butchering is determined by quality of animal corpse and softcaped by your survival and sharp tool quality.

    • If (ToolQ < MeatQ ) then

    • If (Survival < CorpseQ) then

  • Tool quality softcap is applied before the survival softcap.