Raw Meat

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Raw Meat
Raw Meat.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Object(s) Required Ant Meat, Boreworm Meat, Cave Louse Meat, Chasm Conch Meat, Chicken Meat, Eagle Owl Meat, Golden Eagle Meat, Magpie Meat, Mallard Meat, Mammoth Meat, Ptarmigan Meat, Quail Meat, Raw Adder, Raw Badger, Raw Bat, Raw Bear, Raw Beaver, Raw Beef, Raw Bog Turtle, Raw Cachalot, Raw Caverat, Raw Chevon, Raw Fox, Raw Grey Seal, Raw Hedgehog, Raw Horse, Raw Lynx, Raw Mole, Raw Moose, Raw Mutton, Raw Orca, Raw Otter, Raw Pork, Raw Rabbit, Raw Reindeer Venison, Raw Squirrel, Raw Stoat, Raw Venison, Raw Walrus, Raw Wild Beef, Raw Wild Mutton, Raw Wild Pork, Raw Wildgoat, Raw Wolf, Raw Wolverine, Rock Dove Meat, Seagull Meat, Swan Meat, Troll Meat, Wood Grouse Meat
Required By Animal Fat, Autumn Steak, Butcher's Surprise, Chum Bait, Encumbered Roast, Jotun's Morsel, Marrow Roast, Meat-in-Jelly, Onion Skewer, Pumpkin Stew, Raw Kebab Roll, Roast Meat, Smoked Meat, Steak & Tubers, Unbaked Meatpie
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Raw Meat is not an actual in-game-object but a generic term referring to one of the following 50 game-objects:  Ant Meat Ant Meat.png   Boreworm Meat Boreworm Meat.png   Cave Louse Meat Cave Louse Meat.png   Chasm Conch Meat Chasm Conch Meat.png   Chicken Meat Chicken Meat.png   Eagle Owl Meat Eagle Owl Meat.png   Golden Eagle Meat Golden Eagle Meat.png   Magpie Meat Magpie Meat.png   Mallard Meat Mallard Meat.png   Mammoth Meat Mammoth Meat.png   Ptarmigan Meat Ptarmigan Meat.png   Quail Meat Quail Meat.png   Raw Adder Raw Adder.png   Raw Badger Raw Badger.png   Raw Bat Raw Bat.png   Raw Bear Raw Bear.png   Raw Beaver Raw Beaver.png   Raw Beef Raw Beef.png   Raw Bog Turtle Raw Bog Turtle.png   Raw Cachalot Raw Cachalot.png   Raw Caverat Raw Caverat.png   Raw Chevon Raw Chevon.png   Raw Fox Raw Fox.png   Raw Grey Seal Raw Grey Seal.png   Raw Hedgehog Raw Hedgehog.png   Raw Horse Raw Horse.png   Raw Lynx Raw Lynx.png   Raw Mole Raw Mole.png   Raw Moose Raw Moose.png   Raw Mutton Raw Mutton.png   Raw Orca Raw Orca.png   Raw Otter Raw Otter.png   Raw Pork Raw Pork.png   Raw Rabbit Raw Rabbit.png   Raw Reindeer Venison Raw Reindeer Venison.png   Raw Squirrel Raw Squirrel.png   Raw Stoat Raw Stoat.png   Raw Venison Raw Venison.png   Raw Walrus Raw Walrus.png   Raw Wild Beef Raw Wild Beef.png   Raw Wild Mutton Raw Wild Mutton.png   Raw Wild Pork Raw Wild Pork.png   Raw Wildgoat Raw Wildgoat.png   Raw Wolf Raw Wolf.png   Raw Wolverine Raw Wolverine.png   Rock Dove Meat Rock Dove Meat.png   Seagull Meat Seagull Meat.png   Swan Meat Swan Meat.png   Troll Meat Troll Meat.png   Wood Grouse Meat Wood Grouse Meat.png