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A list of all available weapons.

Base Damage is for quality 10 weapons or ammunition.

Melee Weapons

Damage caused when using a melee weapon to make an Attack is: Base damage* sqrt(sqrt(Quality*Strength)/10). The way attack damage is calculated means that increasing Strength above weapon quality, or vice versa, gives marginal returns. Increasing strength to double weapon quality, or weapon quality to double strength, only yields ~19% extra damage. e.g. A person with a q40 Militia Sword and 40 strength deals 500 damage, whereas a person with a q40 Militia Sword and 80 strength, or a q80 Militia sword and 40 strength, deals ~595 damage. This means that keeping parity between strength and weapon quality gives the best returns, but may not always be desirable, since Strength affects other things, such as Smithing, and marginal returns are better than nothing at all.




Ranged Weapons

Damage caused when using a ranged weapon to Shoot is in a range of: (Min Weapon Damage + Min Ammunition Damage) - (Max Weapon Damage + Max Ammunition Damage). Ranged weapons deal damage randomly within this range. Maximum Damage is calculated as: Base Damage * sqrt(Quality/10), and Minimum Damage is calculated as: 0.5 * (pPerception/tAgility) * Maximum Damage, where pPerception is the player's Perception skill and tAgility is the target's Agility skill. Having high perception is thus very desirable when using ranged weapons, since these gains are not marginal, and gains in minimum damage also increase average damage. When your perception is double your target's agility, then you should always deal maximum damage. Weapon and ammunition quality also hard cap aiming speed, see Archery for explanation.



  • Sling does 60 base damage.



Unharmed Combat Boosters

While not equiped in the 'weapon' slot, these do improve unharmed combat, effectively functioning as weapons. A melee weapon can also be used at the same time.


  • Using a Wooden Roundshield allows you to use the 'Shield Up' combat maneuver which uses 250% of your Melee skill instead of 100% of your Unarmed skill from the default 'Chin Up'.