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Nodes affect the type and quality of many resources in the game. They are determined during map generation, and usually (unless the devs change it in an update) don't change for the duration of the world. It seems that nodes are separate for each of the three qualities, but can overlap to produce higher quality resources. High quality nodes are very important for player progression, and the best nodes are very much desired for.

Nodes per resources


  • Digged from ground tiles that aren't stone nodes.
  • Quality Node.
  • Has a minimal quality of 10.
  • You can dump any quality soil into a node, and it will adopt the node's quality, thus making quality soil a renewable resource.


  • Found in Rivers, Lakes and Wells.
  • Quality Node.
  • Has a minimal quality of 10.
  • Always returns some water. Defaults to a minimal quality of 10.


  • Quality Node.
  • Has a minimal quality of 10.
  • Ball Clay can digged in shallow water and Acre Clay in mudflats.
  • Every tile of shallow water will give at least one ball clay. The node regenerates over time.
  • You can dig up acre clay in similar fashion to soil, but you cannot renew it.


  • Can be digged on beaches.
  • Quality Node.
  • Defaul quality is 10.
  • Endless resource.


  • Digged on mountains, stone patches, chipped from stone boulders and mined underground.
  • Resource Node


  • Chipped from ore boulders on the surface, mined underground.
  • Resource Node

Mineral quality

Mineral Hardness

  • Affects the hardness of walls underground.
  • Each mineral has a hardness multiplier that affects it's hardness along with this node.


  • Rivers and Lakes.
  • Quality Node.


  • Each forageable has it's own quality nodes.
  • All forageables have a minimal quality of 10.


  • Each animal has it's own quality nodes (excluding domesticated animals).
  • Animal's quality is determined from the node on which it spawned, not where it was killed (note that they can wander away from their node)
  • Animals have a base quality, differing for each, for example bats have minimal quality of 15, while bears have min. Q60.