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Perks and Pros for Subscribing

Subscribing means that a player will have access to the typical, unlimited game play every other player has access to in addition to various perks. These include one extra row of Inventory Space, +30% character development rate, and +100% convenience.

The added row to inventory space remains all throughout a player's characters, for as long as they are subscribed.

Convenience is a phenomenon in which the speed of various civil actions in the game are increased for the player's benefit. Such civil actions include crafting items, building Constructions, Chopping Trees, chopping Wood Blocks, sawing Boards, Fishing, Paving, digging for Sand, butchering, and Chipping Stones.

Tiers and Durations of Subscription

Subscription tiers and duration play a huge part when it comes time for a player to subscribe.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold are the three tiers of a Haven and Hearth subscription. The lengths of said subscription are either 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, or 365 days. Depending on the tier and length a player purchases, they will receive certain special Subscription Hats that are only available during the duration of the current World. For any World that a player subscribes during its course, they will receive that World's concurrent Subscription Hat(s). These hats will remain with the player even after their subscription expires.

All tiers will grant players one hat upon a 30 day subscription. Buying a 90 day subscription in lieu of a 30 day one will still bestow one hat, and it will be the same as the 30 day subscription hat. There will be two different hats given to a player if they purchase a 180 day subscription (the 30 day hat and the 180 day hat). 365 days will grant a Bronze-tier subscriber three differing hats in total (those being the 30 day hat, 180 day hat and 365 day hat)

If a player purchases a Silver or Gold tier subscription, they will also receive the previous tier(s)'s hats for free.

During a player's subscription, they will also have the chance to receive the latest Game Updates' Store Hat at no additional cost to them, if their subscription tier is listed in the eligible recipients for that game patch. This varies from patch to patch, and Gold-tier subscribers receive the most store hats by this process, with Bronze-tier subscribers gaining only a few - if any - of the total store hats.

Store Page

Text from Haven and Hearth's Store Page:

"If you truly love us, the Game, and Rainbows & Unicorns, then you should definitely consider a Subscription. We offer Subscriptions at three different tiers – Bronze, Silver & Gold – and in four different time intervals – 1, 3, 6 or 12 Months – for a grand total of 12 different subscription offers.

The Bronze-Silver-Gold levels are mostly there to allow you to throw more money at us if you feel like it, but we have also thrown in some special Subscription Hats with the offers to give you some sense of value, should you be so generous."


If a player purchases two different subscription tiers at a single time, the higher tier type takes priority and will be in effect first. Once the higher tier's duration is spent, the lower one will then be activated.

You can obtain multiple Subscription Hats by purchasing the desired combination of tier and length, then buying another of the same combo after it expires.

You may also trade Subscription Hats with other players as you would any Store Hat; you must Right-click a hearthling with the hat.