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Treebranchbarkfruitfruit qtyotherother qtylogblock (stone)block (metal)board (bone)board (metal)
Alder Tree203Alder Catkin2Alder Bough3240501220
Almond Tree63Almond812430812
Apple Tree33Red Apple5Worm-Eaten Apple12025610
Ash Tree83Ash Samaras2260751830
Aspen Tree143Aspen Catkin2255691728
Bay Willow Tree73Bay Willow Catkins213038915
Beech Tree83Beech Nuts2266822033
Birch Tree62Birch Catkin2245571423
Birdcherry Tree73Birdcherries2170882135
Black Pine Tree43Black Pine Cone2335441118
Buckthorn Tree73Buckthorn Drupes212835914
Carob Tree43Carob Pod3244551322
Cedar Tree63Cedar Cone2335441118
Chaste Tree63Chastetree Seeds213038915
Checker Tree53Checker Tree Fruits2240501220
Cherry Tree33Cherries8181034
Chestnut Tree83Chestnut8140501220
Conker Tree83Conker2Conker Leaf422430812
Cork Oak Tree53Cork822633813
Crabapple Tree63Crabapple4150631525
Cypress Tree83Cypress Cone2236451118
Dogwood Tree43Dogwood Seeds2243531321
Dwarf PineDwarf Pine Cone21
Elm Tree163Elm Seedling2Elm Bough5244551322
Fig Tree43Fig8Fig Leaf4213174
Fir Tree73Fir Cone2Fir Bough5154681627
Gloomcap00Gloomcap Spores312430812
Gnome's Cap00Gnome's Cap Spore3??14518
Goldenchain Tree83Goldenchain Seeds222835914
Hazel Tree83Hazelnut101162058
Hornbeam Tree63Hornbeam Catkin2242531321
Juniper Tree53Juniper Berries6162781931
King's Oak Tree303King's Acorn2440501220
Larch Tree83Larch Cones2236451118
Laurel Tree83Laurel Seeds2Laurel Leaf6022025610
Lemon Tree33Lemon611546
Linden Tree83Linden Fruits2Linden Bough5248601524
Lote Tree63Lote Tree Drupes2233411016
Maple Tree103Maple Samara2Maple Leaf6347591424
Mayflower Tree63Mayflower Pomes3170822135
Medlar Tree53Medlar Seed612025610
Mound Tree33Mound Beans2141499
Mulberry Tree53Mulberry5Mulberry Leaf25013038915
Oak Tree53Oak Acorn2140501220
Olive Tree93Olive8236451118
Osier Tree23Osier Catkin21105
Pear Tree53Pear5181034
Persimmon Tree52Persimmon8138915
Pine Tree33Pine Cone2340501220
Plane Tree153Plane Seedpods232936915
Plum Tree43Plum10181034
Poplar Tree163Poplar Catkin2247591424
Quince Tree43Quince61182369
Rowan Tree123Rowan Berries423038915
Sallow Tree123Sallow Catkin2140501220
Silver Fir Tree83Silverfir Cone2338471219
Sorb Tree53Sorb Apple612025611
Spruce Tree73Spruce Cone2Spruce Bough5240501220
Stone Pine Tree33Stone Pine Cone233037915
Sweetgum Tree103Sweetgum Seedpod2Sweetgum Bough5232401016
Sycamore Tree63Sycamore Seed2238471119
Tamarisk TreeTamarisk Seeds
Terebinth Tree63Terebinth Seed2237461118
Towercap00Towercap Spore12337461119
Tree Heath Tree63Tree Heath Seed3150631525
Trumpet Chantrelle00Trombone Chantrelle Spore6235441118
Walnut Tree93Walnut8236451118
Warty Birch Tree43Warty Birch Catkin2250631525
Whitebeam Tree63Whitebeam Fruit3250631525
Willow Tree83Willow Catkin2255691728
Wood Strawberry Tree43Wood Strawberry102131747
Yew Tree83Yew Cones2Yew Bough5234431017