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Pit Clay

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Pit Clay
Pit Clay.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Pottery
Object(s) Required Clay Pit
Specific Type of Clay
Required By Bone Clay, (Clay: Brick, Clay Cauldron, Crucible, Crude Idol, Granary, Kiln, Potter's Wheel, Seamark, Shiny Marbles, Tar Kiln, Tripod Burner, Unfired Clay Jar, Unfired Clay Pipe, Unfired Garden Pot, Unfired Hand Impression, Unfired Mug, Unfired Pot, Unfired Teapot, Unfired Treeplanter's Pot, Unfired Urn, Wilderness Beacon)
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Pit Clay is one of the variations of Clay, which can be used to build structures and craft various items such as Pottery or Bricks

Due to its use in crafting Bone Clay, it is highly sought after

How to Acquire

To obtain Pit Clay,you must find a Clay Pit and dig for clay. Clay Pits are very rare, and only contain about 30 pieces of clay before they must refill. Note that without increasing your Masonry you cannot get any Pit Clay above q10, even with a high quality node.

Pit Clay is naturally blue, and when it is Kilned, it makes blue bricks and pottery.