Any Mushroom

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Any Mushroom
Any Mushroom.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every Heartling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Foraging
Object(s) Required Bay Bolete, Black Truffles, Black Trumpets, Bloated Bolete, Cave Lantern, Chantrelles, Dried Morels, Fairy Mushroom, Field Blewits, Giant Puffball, Indigo Cap, Liberty Caps, Oyster Mushroom, Parasol Mushroom, Parboiled Morels, Ruby Bolete, Snowtop, Stalagoom, Troll Mushrooms, White Truffles, Yellowfeet
Produced By hand
Required By (8) Autumn Steak, Beaver Dog, Mushroom & Onion Pirozhki Dough, Mushroom Mash, Mushroom Pie Dough, Mushroom Stuffing, Mushrooms in Jelly, Raw Mushroom-Burst Glutton
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Any Mushroom is not an actual in-game-object but a generic term referring to one of the following 21 game-objects:  Bay Bolete  Bay Bolete.png   Black Truffles  Black Truffles.png   Black Trumpets  Black Trumpets.png   Bloated Bolete  Bloated Bolete.png   Cave Lantern (1) Cave Lantern.png   Chantrelles  Chantrelles.png   Dried Morels  Dried Morels.png   Fairy Mushroom  Fairy Mushroom.png   Field Blewits  Field Blewits.png   Giant Puffball  Giant Puffball.png   Indigo Cap  Indigo Cap.png   Liberty Caps  Liberty Caps.png   Oyster Mushroom  Oyster Mushroom.png   Parasol Mushroom  Parasol Mushroom.png   Parboiled Morels  Parboiled Morels.png   Ruby Bolete  Ruby Bolete.png   Snowtop  Snowtop.png   Stalagoom (2) Stalagoom.png   Troll Mushrooms  Troll Mushrooms.png   White Truffles  White Truffles.png   Yellowfeet  Yellowfeet.png 

(n): (Superscript) Number of items in that generic type group.
(n): (Subscript) Number of crafts that specifically require this item, if any.

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Note: The game itself makes no distinction between "Any Mushroom" and "Edible Mushroom". (to be looked at)