Red Apple

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Red Apple
Red Apple.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Stack Max:4 (Fruits & Berries)
Stockpile Red Apple (30)
Produced By Apple Tree
Specific Type of Fruit
Required By (5) Applejuice, Candy Apple, Pommace Perdue, Red Apple Core, Unbaked Apple Pie, (Fruit (5): Fruit Salad, Fruit Sorbet, Unbaked Fruit Pie, Unbaked Fruitroast, Unbaked Lardy Cake)
Food details
Energy Filled 150
Hunger Filled 0.5
Energy/Hunger 300
Satiates Satiations-Fruit.png Fruit
FEPs +1 +2 Sum%
STR 0 0 0%
AGI 0 0 0%
INT 0 0 0%
CON 1 0 100%
PER 0 0 0%
CHA 0 0 0%
DEX 0 0 0%
WIL 0 0 0%
PSY 0 0 0%
Sum 1 0 --
Hunger per FEP 0.5
FEP per Hunger 2
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A staple fruit, Red Apples can be gathered from an Apple Tree. They can be eaten, and the remaining core can be planted to grow more Apple Trees. They can be baked into pies or squashed into Applejuice in a Winepress which can be drunk or fermented into Cider.

How to Acquire

Right click on an Apple Tree and the option to pick an Apple will be presented.


When picking apples you sometimes receive a Worm-Eaten Apple instead.

When tree planting using a Treeplanter’s pot, note that you can put an apple into the pot, but it will die immediately when dried. Instead, only use an apple core. (More testing needed, might have been my low skills)