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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Stack Max:4 (Fruits & Berries)
Produced By Cherry Tree
Specific Type of Seed of Tree or Bush, Berry, Fruit
Required By (1) Cherry Kernels, (Seed of Tree or Bush (1): Mirkwood Offering), (Berry (5): Fruit Sorbet, Unbaked Fishwrap, Unbaked Fruit Pie, Unbaked Fruitroast, Unbaked Lardy Cake), (Fruit (5): Fruit Salad, Fruit Sorbet, Unbaked Fruit Pie, Unbaked Fruitroast, Unbaked Lardy Cake)
Food details
Energy Filled 125
Hunger Filled 0.1
Energy/Hunger 1250
Satiates Satiations-Fruit.png Fruit
Satiations-Berries.png Berries
FEPs +1 +2 Sum%
STR 0 0 0%
AGI 0 0 0%
INT 0 0 0%
CON 0 0 0%
PER 0 0 0%
CHA 0.5 0 100%
DEX 0 0 0%
WIL 0 0 0%
PSY 0 0 0%
Sum 0.5 0 --
Hunger per FEP 0.2
FEP per Hunger 5
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Cherries can be gathered from a Cherry Tree. They can be eaten, and the remaining kernels can be planted to grow more Cherry Trees.

How to Acquire

Right click on a Cherry Tree and the option to pick Cherries will be presented.

Use in recipes

Cherries can be used in recipes that ask "any fruit."

One specific use is in Fruitroast where they add Strength FEPs, this can be helpful in early game.

Game Development (empty)