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Fen terrain
Can be paved No
Can be plowed No
Max Speed Wade/Walk
Forageables Camomile, Candleberry, Dewy Lady's Mantle, Frog's Crown, Lady's Mantle, Rainbowpad, Royal Toadstool, Waybroad
Trees Pine Tree, Willow Tree
Flora Hawthorn Bush, Swamp Lily
Fauna Bog Turtle, Dragonfly, Dryad, Firefly, Forest Lizard, Frog, Leech, Midge Swarm, Moonmoth, Toad
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Fen are one of the many biomes within the Hearthlands, appearing in clumps which can be connected by small, branching straits. Without a horse, the fastest a Hearthling can traverse through them is at a walk, and it will use up significantly more stamina to do so. Any kind of landscaping is impossible within a fen, and they cannot be used as a source of water, nor can boats or rafts be placed on them like in rivers or lakes.

If you have empty equipment slots while you walk through a fen, you will slowly accumulate Leeches. Getting Leeches in a fen can be useful for collecting fishing bait, even more so if you are also near a fishing node.


  • Unlike hearthlings creatures travel at there regular speed over Fen.

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