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Depending on what skills you have learned, you have an access to a number of actions, each allowing you to interact with objects in different ways. Here is a list of some of them. Not to confused with Combat Actions. The actions this page lists are solely the actions that can be found in the Adventure section of your Menu and that there are a number of other actions available to you by simply right-clicking the object.


See Terraforming.

  • Harvest Crop

Takes a harvest-able crop and returns crop products.

  • Lay Stone

Transforms a tile of certain Terrains into Paved Ground. Requires a Stone and Stone Working.

  • Plant Grass

Transforms a tile of most terrains into a grass tile. Requires Seeds and Farming.

  • Plow Field

Transforms a tile into a plowed tile in which you can plant seeds. Drains a large amount of Stamina.

  • Stomp to Dirt

Transforms a tile into a dirt tile.


See Travel Weariness.


Allows you to lift objects over your head and carry them.

Other Actions

  • Dig

See Terraforming.

  • Repair

Repairs Decay or damage to certain structures. Different structures require different materials to repair them but it is :always a material used to build the structure.

  • Destroy

Attempts to destroy certain objects. Made easier with higher strength and certain tools as destroying objects is akin to doing combat damage with an object's soak being the "defense" of an object.

  • Fish

Attempts to catch a fish on a Water Terrain. Requires an equipped Fishing Pole equipped with Bait or a Lure and Fishing.

  • Mine

Attempts to mine and eventually destroy an underground wall and returns the materials contained within. Requires a stone axe or pickaxe, and Mining.

  • Map Area

Requires Parchment, a Quill, Ink, and Cartography.

  • Declaim Plot

Toggleable actions

  • Criminal Acts
  • Toggle Swimming

Requires Swimming

  • Toggle Tracking

Requires Ranging.

Misc Construction Actions

  • Build Fire
  • Light Hearth Fire
  • Stake Claim

Requires Yeomanry.