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This page is outdated and reflects the Legacy Haven & Hearth world.


Summoning criminals is no longer a game mechanic in Haven & Hearth. Using Nidbanes to punish criminals is now the proper method. The information presented here is mainly only valid for the Legacy version.

Summoning can be done by finding the unjust player's Hearth Fire and holding left-click on the scent you have tracked and right-clicking their hearth fire.

  • You must have the rage skill to summon characters.
  • Players do not have to physically touch a hearth fire in order to perform the summon.
  • You can summon players without hearth fires anywhere, as long as they are offline. Just instead of right-clicking the perpetrator's hearth fire with the scent, you right click the ground. (9 Mar 2015)
  • The Hearthless can only be summoned next to your own hearth (9 Mar 2015)
  • Summoning a player without a hearth fire instantly kills them, even if the summoner lacks murder.
  • You leave murder scents killing a summoned player.


You may only summon with the following scents: