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There are 6 different instruments on Haven and Hearth. You need both hands to use them and they do not require special skills to craft them.

Name Dimensions Requires Note Icon
Flute 1x1 Bone Material x2 Flute.png
Lute 2x1 String x4, Block of Wood x2, Bone Glue x2, Board x1 Can play multiple notes at once. Lute.png
Drum & Sticks 2x2 Block of Wood, Prepared Animal Hide x4, Leather x2, Intestines x2, Rope Drum & Sticks.png
Fiddle & Bow 1x2 String x4, Block of Wood, Board x2, Hardened Leather, Bone Glue Fiddle & Bow.png
Bagpipe 2x2 Prepared Animal Hide x8, Cloth x2, Block of Wood x4 Bagpipe.png
Harmonica 1x1 Bar of Tin x1 Harmonica.png
Clay Cuckoo 1x1 Fine Clay x2, Water 0.3L Clay Cuckoo.png

How to use them

Once equipped right click on the item and it will appear a keyboard like this one:

Flute keyboard.png

Use Z, S, X, D, C, V, G, B, H, N, J, M to play different notes. Shift and Ctrl can be used to change the key.