Mallard Drake

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Mallard Drake
Mallard Drake.png
Base-Quality 10
Hitpoints 10
Fleeing-Hitpoints 10
Creature-Products Dead Mallard: Mallard Feather, Entrails, Mallard Meat, Bone Material or Wishbone
Seasonality (See this page for now)
Terrain This data is specified at the individual Terrain pages. Shallow Water
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It's a male duck. Its female counterpart is the Mallard Hen.


As of "Fluid Incline" -patch, dead small animals don't instantly disappear into the water when dying in shallow water meaning you can shoot mallards with a sling and collect them from shallow water.


"Catching" in this case means you need to grab a live one (from the wild, no releasing already grabbed one.) This is relevant for certain Credos quests. (Fisherman and Hunter at least.)

Mallards can easily be caught on horseback. Come at them from behind so that they won't flee in the direction of the water on which they spawned and then simply run after them.

Snekkja is another option, you need to be careful not to squash the mallard though, instead carefully going close enough to startle it to fly, then right click it to stat chasing it.

Without Horse or a ship, there is a trick that requires a friend (or an alt) to startle Mallard to fly it towards you, it won't change direction. Works best when both have boats and you do it on large lake.

Game Development

  • Hairy Mallard (2016-12-14) >"Added Mallards. Quack, quack! (Also implies a new input type for Poultry to discover if you want to see your Beeted Bird Breast again)"