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A list of commonly used abbreviations within the Haven world

Term Definition
Alt An alternate character, one that is not the players main focus.
AD Adventure Diggers
B12 Battleaxe of the Twelfth Bay
BBB Big Bear Banger
BBC Brodgar Blue Cheese
BW Brick Wall
CB Cupboard
CTC Cutthroat Cuirass
Curio Curiosity
DDD Delicious Deer Dog
Dhelm Dragon Helm
FEP Food Event Points
HF Hearth Fire
HHP Hard Hit Points
HS Hearth Secret
IP Initiative Points, a feature of combat
Labor Alt A character used to perform menial tasks until it starves to death.
LC Large Chest
LP Learning Points
LS Lawspeaker
MBC Midnight Blue Cheese
MC Melee Combat
MM Marksmanship
Mrobe/Merch Merchant's Robe
Pali Palisade
ROB Ring of Brodgar (Baking)
Ring of Brodgar (Jewelry)
Ring of Brodgar (Seafood)
Sprucecap Refers to a new player, often known to wear a Sprucecap
UA/UAC Unarmed Combat
WWW Wild Windsown Weed
Wonderful Wilderness Wurst
Cheese Stick Boar Spear

Here are a list of attributes and their relevant abbreviations

Term Definition
AGI Agility
CHA Charisma
CON Constitution
DEX Dexterity
INT Intelligence
PER Perception
PSY Psyche
STR Strength