Bounty Acre

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Bounty Acre
Bounty Acre.png
Bounty Acre Terrain
Can be paved Yes
Can be plowed Yes
Max Speed Sprint
Forageables Camomile, Chiming Bluebell, Clover, Dandelion, Four-Leaf Clover, Uncommon Snapdragon, Wild Windsown Weed
Trees Alder Tree, Cherry Tree, Crabapple Tree, Dogwood Tree, Lote Tree, Persimmon Tree, Plum Tree, Quince Tree, Rowan Tree, Sorb Tree, Walnut Tree, Willow Tree
Flora Bittersweet Nightshade Bush, Blackberry Bush, Caprifole Bush, Crampbark Bush, Holly Bush, Mastic Bush
Fauna Ant Hill, Aurochs, Badger, Chick, Cock, Dryad, Earthworm, Fox, Grasshopper, Hen, Ladybug, Magpie (Bird), Mouflon, Rabbit Buck, Rabbit Doe, Silkmoth, Wild Horse
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A form of Grassland. Is a source of forageables such as Clover and Dandelion. Trees and bushes are relatively sparse.

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