Wild Horse

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Wild Horse
Wild Horse.png
Base-Quality 30
Hitpoints ~320
Fleeing-Hitpoints 200
Creature-Products Fresh Wildhorse Hide, Intestines x2, Entrails x2, Raw Wildhorse x6, Bone Material x5
Seasonality (See this page for now)
Terrain This data is specified at the individual Terrain pages. Blue Sod, Bounty Acre, Cloud Range, Dry Flat, Flower Meadow, Grass, Greens Ward, Hard Steppe, Highground, Lush Field, Moor, Ox Pasture, Red Plain, Wild Turf
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Wildhorses wander about in most grassland biomes. They can be fed a Clover and then ridden. Right click a clover on a wildhorse, wait for the wildhorse to take the clover. Right click on the wildhorse and select Giddyup! Be careful and watch Pony Power. If it reaches 0, the horse will throw you off and deal exactly half your MHP in SHP damage. To circumvent this, you can use the Horse Whisper Hearth Magic to augment your pony power, or simply dismount.
Note: If really close to the horse when feeding the clover. It will take it immediately.



Passive until you aggro them.

Combat Moves

Attacks Restorations

Mule Kick.png Mule Kick
  • Attack type: Sweeping, Backhanded
  • Openings: Reeling
Bucking.png Bucking
  • Attack type: Backhanded, Oppresive
  • Openings: Cornered
  • IP -2
Bear Down.png Bear Down
  • Attack type: Sweeping, Oppresive
  • Openings: Dizzy
  • IP +2
Thunder Over.png Thunder Over
  • Attack type: Striking, Oppressive
  • Openings: Off Balance, Cornered
  • IP +2
Sudden Charge.png Sudden Charge
  • Attack type: Backhanded, Oppresive
  • Openings: Off Balance, Cornered
  • IP -4

Careful Approach.png Careful Approach
  • Reduces: Off Balance, Dizzy
Rampant Rage.png Rampant Rage
  • Reduces: Off Balance, Reeling
Swift Evasion.png Swift Evasion
  • Reduces: Off Balance, Dizzy, Cornered
  • IP -2


Horses are tough, but have less Agility than you might expect. They'll spam Mule Kick and Bear Down often, and occasionally use Sudden Charge. Swift Evasion can ruin a good Cleave or Full Circle setup. You'll need a decent melee weapon like a Tinker Axe to deal sufficient damage. Once you hit about 200 damage a horse will flee at the fastest speed of any animal in the game. You'll need to be on another horse and chase at your highest speed, cleave for 150+ damage at ~180 health, or simply follow the blood path and wait for the horse to bleed out.

In-Game Example(s)

Wild Horse-dead.png Dead Wild Horse. Can be skinned for Fresh Wildhorse Hide.
Wild Horse-skinned.png Skinned Wild Horse. Can be butchered for Intestines, Entrails and Raw Wildhorse.
Wild Horse-skeleton.png Wild Horse Skeleton. Can be collected for Bone Material.


  • Attempting to pick up any small animal while riding the horse will result in the animal's death. Young hearthlings can take advantage of this fact to easily hunt Hedgehogs, Rabbits, Squirrels, and Moles. This bypasses the Survival skill cap on the animal (upon picking it up(?)).

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