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Base-Quality 25
Hitpoints 200
Fleeing-Hitpoints 120
Creature-Products Fresh Mouflon Hide, Intestines, Entrails x3, Raw Wild Mutton x6, Bone Material x3
Seasonality (See this page for now)
Terrain This data is specified at the individual Terrain pages. Black Wood, Blue Sod, Bounty Acre, Cloud Range, Dry Flat, Flower Meadow, Grass, Greens Ward, Hard Steppe, Heath, Highground, Lush Field, Moor, Red Plain, Root Bosk, Wild Turf
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Mouflons can be tamed to become a Sheep. See this page for more info about taming wild animals.



Passive until you attack them.

Combat Moves

Attacks Restorations

Low Horn Swipe.png Low Horn Swipe
  • Attack type: Striking, Sweeping
  • Openings: Off Balance
  • IP +1
Mule Kick.png Mule Kick
  • Attack type: Sweeping, Backhanded
  • Openings: Reeling
Sudden Charge.png Sudden Charge
  • Attack type: Backhanded, Oppresive
  • Openings: Off Balance, Cornered
  • IP -4
Thunder Over.png Thunder Over
  • Attack type: Striking, Oppressive
  • Openings: Off Balance, Cornered
  • IP +2

Careful Approach.png Careful Approach
  • Reduces: Off Balance, Dizzy
Swift Evasion.png Swift Evasion
  • Reduces: Off Balance, Dizzy, Cornered
  • IP -2


In-Game Example(s)

Mouflon-dead.png Dead Mouflon. Can be skinned for Fresh Mouflon Hide.
Mouflon-skinned.png Skinned Mouflon. Can be butchered for Intestines, Entrails and Raw Wild Mutton.
Mouflon-skeleton.png Mouflon Skeleton. Can be collected for Bone Material.


  • Mouflon can be fed Clovers by right-clicking a mouflon with it while being somewhat close to them. This allows them to be shorn for Wool of a quality level equal to the clover fed.