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Can be paved Yes
Can be plowed Yes
Max Speed Sprint
Forageables Dandelion, Clover, Blueberry, Bloated Bolete, Wild Windsown Weed
Trees Black Pine Tree, Hazel Tree, Juniper Tree, Larch Tree, Maple Tree, Pine Tree, Poplar Tree, Sallow Tree, Spruce Tree
Flora Crampbark Bush, Arrowwood Bush, Caprifole Bush, Gorse Bush, Holly Bush, Blackthorn Bush
Fauna Ant Hill, Badger, Chick, Cock, Earthworm, Fox, Hen, Ladybug, Rabbit Buck, Rabbit Doe, Silkmoth, Mouflon, Aurochs
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A form of Grassland, pink/purple-ish Heath is a source of forageables such as Clovers, Dandelions and Bloated Boletes, however, they are poor terrain for finding lumber, and as such, may not be the best place to settle down in during the early game without nearby access to more wooded terrains and biomes, such as Forests, though, after getting some progress in the game, they can become very useful for finding starter animals for farming.