Root Bosk

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Root Bosk
Root Bosk Terrain
Can be paved No
Can be plowed Yes
Max Speed Run
Forageables Giant Puffball, Blueberries, Dandelion, Spindly Taproot, Stinging Nettle, Chantrelles, Lingonberries, Morels, Yellowfeet, Parasol Mushroom, Chiming Bluebell, Kvann, Blood Stern
Trees Alder Tree, Almond Tree, Apple Tree, Ash Tree, Beech Tree, Birch Tree, Buckthorn Tree, Chaste Tree, Crabapple Tree, Fir Tree, Hazel Tree, Mulberry Tree, Oak Tree, Plum Tree, Rowan Tree, Sallow Tree, Spruce Tree, Sweetgum Tree, Tamarisk Tree, Terebinth Tree, Willow Tree
Flora Old Trunk, Old Stump, Arrowwood Bush, Hawthorn Bush, Spindle Bush, Blackcurrant Bush, Redcurrant Bush, Tundra Rose Bush, Caprifole Bush, Dog Rose Bush, Holly Bush, Elderberry Bush, Tibast Bush, Bittersweet Nightshade Bush
Fauna Adder, Ant Hill, Ants, Aurochs, Badger, Bat, Bear, Boar, Dryad, Earthworm, Firefly, Forest Snail, Fox, Frog, Grub, Hedgehog, Lynx, Midge Swarm, Moose, Mouflon, Quail, Rabbit Buck, Rabbit Doe, Rat, Red Deer, Silkmoth, Stag Beetle, Squirrel, Toad, Wild Bees, Wood Grouse Cock, Wood Grouse Hen, Wolverine
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Root Bosk are one of the many biomes within the Hearthlands, a form of Forest Terrain. On foot, a Hearthling can travel at a running pace through Root Bosk, with a decent level of stamina drain for doing so. You may plow a Bosk to turn it into plowed dirt, but directly paving a Bosk is impossible. Root Bosk are a source of many of the different forageables in the game, as with other forest terrains, so it is a good idea to settle down near or inside of one, particularly when starting out, since they also are a plentiful supply of various materials which are needed in spades during the early portions of the game, such as Blocks of Wood, Boards, Boughs, and edible berries and fruits.

Note: Aurochs and Mouflon are reported to be seen at this terrain type, but rarely. (removed "(rarely)" text-data from animals field in infobox data)

(Just a thought. Those cases might be just stray animals, if spotted relative near the terrain border. Discuss at talk page if needed.)