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Buff (also known as Debuff when effect is negative) is a temporary effect afflicting Hearthling's stats or abilities. Buff can grant positive, negative or both effects for you to enjoy. Buff can be received by performing specific ingame activity. (See also Realm Bonuses)

Alcohol Buffs

A Glass With A Friend

  • Effects: At full effect, the buff provides +7 in Strength, +3 in Agility, + 7 in Intelligence and +10 in Charisma.
  • How to acquire: drink Alcohol.
  • How to lose: wears off after 6 ingame hours.

A Glass to Keep the Cold Out

  • Effects:
  • How to acquire: drink Alcohol while under effect of A Glass With A Friend.
  • How to lose: wears off after 6 ingame hours.

A Glass Too Much

  • Effects:
  • How to acquire: drink Alcohol while under effect of A Glass to Keep the Cold Out.
  • How to lose: wears off after 6 ingame hours.

The Summit Attained

  • Effects: drinking Alcohol beyond "The Summit Attained" will translate into Soft HP damage.
  • How to acquire: drink Alcohol while under effect of A Glass Too Much.
  • How to lose: wears off after 6 ingame hours.

Ancestral Buffs

Crime Buffs

Murderous Rage

  • Effects:
    • increases Grievous Damage dealt by 20%.
    • removes Knockout Protection from Bloodthirsty Hearthling, making them vulnerable to opponents with Murderous Rage.
  • How to acquire: learn Murder skill and toggle buff on.
  • How to lose: buff lasts for 24 hours.



  • Effects:
    • prevents Mischievous Hearthling from disappearing when logged out.
    • prevents using fast travel.
  • How to acquire: perform Criminal Acts and produce scents.
  • How to lose: get Knocked Out!; lasts for a short period of time.


  • Effect: renders Touring Hearthling unable to perform Criminal Acts, even with the toggle switched on.
  • How to acquire: walk through a visitor gate on a Village Claim (or Personal Claim) while not engaged in combat.
  • How to lose: leave the claim.

Environment Buffs

Food Buffs

The Mind Liberated

  • Effect: Buff Psyche and decrease Agility.
  • How to acquire: eat Liberty Caps, more shrooms upgrade buff.
  • How to lose: will added later.

Drink, and be merry

  • Effect: prevent/soften satiation depending on drink used.
  • How to acquire: drink one sip (0.05L) of any drink.
  • How to lose: expires after about an in-game day (roughly 8 hours) if not used.

Smoking Buffs

Smoking Buffs are related to inhaling fumes from specific powders placed inside lit Pipe or made into Cigar.

In The Fog

  • Effect: decrease the amount of Hunger you receive from Food you eat. The decrease of Hunger is 2.5% above normal for quality 10 hemp buds.
  • How to acquire: smoke Cured Hemp Buds.
  • How to lose: lasts for 3000 minutes.

Smoke & Fire


  • Effect: increases Intelligence, Psyche and Will, but reduces Agility. Each 10% of buff adds 1 intelligence, 1 will and 1 psyche, while subtracting 1 agility, for a maximum possible buff of +10 intelligence, will and psyche, and -10 agility at 100%
  • How to acquire: smoke Pipestuff or Cigar.
  • How to lose: lasts for 3000 minutes.

Chasing the Dragon

  • Effects:
    • For each puff of the pipe filled with Opium, the buff accumulates a certain amount of wound points. You can see on the buff how many points of damage it has accumulated.
    • As the buff ticks down, there is a chance to convert wound points accumulated in the buff into healing of certain wound types, namely: Infected sore, Wretched Gore, Concussion, Blunt Trauma, and Punch Sore. When the buff is empty -- i.e. has ticked down entirely -- the remaining accumulated wound points -- i.e. those not used for healing -- are gradually applied as a new wound "Dragon Bite", which itself heals over time. The buff can only hold a certain amount of wound points, and as you begin approaching that amount, some damage is applied directly as a "Dragon Bite".
    • You can Catch Opium Dragons while high on opium.
    • Smoking opium will make the game world look purple and wobbly.
  • How to acquire: smoke Opium.
  • How to lose: lasts for 3000 minutes.

Please be advised that smoking opium can kill your character.