Bear Tooth

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Bear Tooth
Bear Tooth.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Hunting
Object(s) Required N/A
Specific Type of Bone Material
Required By Bear Cape, Bear Tooth Talisman, and Bone Arrow, Bone Ash, Bone Glue, Bone Hook, Bone Marrow, Bone Saw, Dice, Personal Claim, Primitive Doll, Rattle-Tattle-Talisman, Seer's Bones, Skull Throne, Still Life
Study details
Base LP 1500
Study Time 30
Mental Weight 20
EXP Cost 15
LP / EXP 100
LP / Hour (real) 50
LP / Mental Weight 75
LP / Hour / EXP 3.33
LP / Hour / Size 50
LP / Hour / Weight 2.5
LP / Hour / Size / EXP 3.33
LP / Hour / Weight / EXP 0.17
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Bear Tooth is a Curiosity which can be used in the Study Report to earn Learning Points and is a Gilding item that gives a boost to Strength. It also counts as bone material and is required for certain recipes.

Gilding Attribute is Strength, Chance: 20% to 60%.

How to Acquire

As of right now, there is no bear skeleton, the bones will drop on the floor after you cleaned the bear carcass for entrails, intestines, and meat. You will get between one and four teeth along with other bone materials of the same quality. Bones softcapped by Survival.

Other Applications

Bear Teeth can be used as if they were a regular bone component when crafting items. This can also be a detriment if you are not careful as you can accidentally turn Bear Teeth into Bone Arrows or Bone Glue.


Softcapped by Survival.

Quality Strength
10 +2
40 +4