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Certain Creatures are aggressive, and will engage you in combat. These animals are:

Most of these animals are capable of killing you by attacking your character once it is knocked out. A few others creatures might attack you, rarely, although. In order to keep safe, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Stay Alert

Keep an eye on your minimap for aggressive animals. Note that certain custom clients have a feature to draw red circles around aggressive animals. This does not indicate a "dangerous area", it is merely to add visibility.

Step 2: Know where it's safe

Be aware of safe areas from animals. Animals can move through shallow(light) water at full speed, and can find their way around small cliffs and other obstacles. In addition they can break most structures, the exceptions being houses, palisades and brick walls. Do note that animals can aggro over walls and walk through open gates. Animals will not follow you into caves or houses.

Step 3: Know your opponent

Not all animals are the same. For example, you can outrun boars on 'run' speed. Bats attack in groups, but ignore you while wearing a bat wing. Bears build initiative before attacking. Trolls give a large wind-up of about 10 seconds where they will beat their chest before they begin their pursuit, use this time to escape. Animals are more likely to attack the faster you walk by them, though even the slowest speed is still dangerous.

Step 4: Run Forrest, Run!

Sooner or later you will be chased by an animal, so put as much distance from it as possible. Flee to a safe area, like a Cave or a House. If the animal does beat you into submission but chooses to disengage, heed the advice to Travel to your Hearth Fire before you wake up, otherwise the animal can simply attack you again.

Burrows provide shelter from Badgers and Wolverines, but Boars and larger can eventually destroy them, ejecting you back outside with a KO.

Be prepared to lick your wounds, or start anew.

Game Development

  • An Arrow to the Knee (2020-02-02) >"Animals no longer respect Knockout Protection, but rather have, as they used to in Legacy, a fixed chance of disengaging every time they hit you while you are knocked out. Wolves, Boars, Bears, Lynx, Orca, Sperm Whales, Boreworms, Cave Anglers, Trolls, Mammoths, are all more or less lethal."