Sweetgum Bough

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Sweetgum Bough
Sweetgum Bough.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 2
Produced By Sweetgum Tree
Specific Type of Tree Bough, Thatching Material
Required By (Tree Bough (16): Boar Spear, Bone Saw, Bough Pyre, Bushcraft Fishingpole, Churn, Dowsing Rod, Dream Catcher, Drying Frame, Hunter's Bow, Linen Crate, Metal Plow, Metal Saw, Pickaxe, Primitive Casting-Rod, Torch, Wooden Plow), (Thatching Material (15): Birdhouse, Chicken Coop, Cistern, Dovecote, Granary, Leanto, Log Cabin, Rabbit Hutch, Smoke Shed, Stone Mansion, Stonestead, Thatched Bed, Thatched Chair, Timber House, Well)
Stockpile Bough (40)
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Sweetgum boughs may be used in any construction or recipe that lists Tree Bough or Thatching as an ingredient. Items that list a specific type of bough will not accept Sweetgum Boughs.

How to Acquire

Right click on a sufficiently grown Sweetgum Tree and select the appropriate option. Each alder tree will provide 3 boughs.

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