From Ring of Brodgar
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Adder Crown1L
Adderfang Amulet2L3
Air Marshal's Cap
Ant Crown1L
Ant Hat
Ant Queen's Wings9L; 7R
Antenna Hat
Armored Striders9R153
Ashen Robes3L; 7L
Ashtray Hat
Astrologer's Cone
Autumn Bounty
Badger Hide Vest3L; 3R7521
Bagpipe5L and 5R
Banana Panama
Bandit's Mask2R
Barbershop Boater
Bat Hat
Bat Wing9L13833
Battle Standard5L or 5R or 7R
Battleaxe of the Twelfth Bay5L and 5R
Bear Cape1L and 9L6
Bear Coat7L32
Bear Tooth Talisman2L35
Bearskin Cap
Beast Ring6L; 6R21
Beaver Cap1L1
Beaver Crown1L
Beaver Wrist Guards4L11512
Bee Hat
Bicycle Helmet
Birchbark Backpack7R
Bishop's Mitre
Black Guardsman's Cap
Bluebell Hat
Blueberry Hat
Bluebucket Hat
Bluejay's Cap
Boar Spear5L and 5R
Boar Tusk Helmet1L5017
Bobby Helmet
Bone Greaves8R-37545
Bone Saw5L or 5R
Boreworm Mask1R and 2R26021
Bossa Nova Red
Bouquet of Flowers
Brain in a Jar
Bronze Helm1L-24085
Bronze Plate3R-74502015
Bronze Sword5L or 5R
Brown paper bag
Bucket5L or 5R
Bull Pipe2R
Bunny Slippers9R
Burning Man Hat
Bushcraft Fishingpole5L or 5R
Butcher's Cleaver5L or 5R
Cachalot Charm2L23
Campaign Cap
Candle Crown1L
Candy Cane Bowler
Cap of the International Brigades
Cat Hat
Cavalier's Hat
Cavalry Hat
Cave Angler Cape1L and 9L221
Cave Coral Ring6L; 6R2
Ceiling Fan
Centurion's Helm
Chainmail Shirt3R-55001515
Che's Beret
Chef's Hat1L
Chicken Hat
Chieftain's Hat1L
Chitin Helmet1L-12502
Christmas Cowboy
Christmas Gnome's Cap
Circus Director's Tophat
Clap Cap
Clay Cauldron
Clay Pipe2R
Clockwork Hat
Clothier's Thimble6L; 6R2
Clownfish Hat
Conquistador's Helmet
Cool Summer Hat
Crown of Lower Egypt
Crown of Upper Egypt
Cupcake Hat
Cutblade5L and 5R
Cutthroat Cuirass3R24001515
Cutthroat Knuckles4L
Cylinder Hat1L
Deputy's Hat
Dev Cape9L
Devil's Diadem
Dowsing Rod5L and 5R
Dragon Helm1L5-120099
Druid's Cloak7L; 1L (optional)55
Druid's Helm1L-14584
Druid's Ring6L; 6R35
Drum & Sticks5L and 5R
Drum Major's Cap
Duck Cap
Dustman's Stovepipe
Elf's Cap
Exquisite Belt4R
Extraction Press
Family Heirloom2L
Feather Band1L
Feather Sunfeather5L or 5R
Feathered Tricorne
Felt Hat1L
Fiddle & Bow5L and 5R
Firefighter's Helmet
Fisherman's Hat1L
Flamenco Bobble Trim
Flower Bowler
Flower Plush
Flute5L and 5R
Forge Ring6L; 6R5
Four Winds Hat
Fox Hat1L1
Freebooter's Slouch
French Fried Hat
Frog Cap
Frog Prince
Frying Pan5L or 5R
Full Metal Helmet
Fur Boots9R
Fur Cloak7L
Fyrdsman's Sword5L or 5R
Galleon Captain's Hat
Game Time Token
Gauze1R and 2R
Gemcutter's Wheel
Ghost Dancer's Bowler
Gildable Equipment
Glass Blowing Rod
Goat Mask1R and 2R
Goggled Helmet
Governor's Tricorne
Grand Belt4R
Grand Troll Helm1L5-1250610
Grandee's Hat
Half-Moon Cowboy
Halloween Derby
Helsing Hat
Hemp Pants8L; 8R
Hemp Shirt3L; 3R
Heraldic Cape9L
Hermine Cape9L
Hermine Cloak7L
Hide Cloak7L
Highland Bonnet
Hipster's Skullcap
Hirdsman's Cape9L
Hirdsman's Helmet1L-24564
Hirdsman's Sword5L or 5R
Holy Halo
Horse Nomad's Helm1L515045
Hunter's Belt4R
Hunter's Bow5L and 5R
Hunter's Quiver7R
Hunter's Shirt3L; 3R
Hunting Hat
Hussar's Wings9L; 7R103023
Imperial Navy Cap
Inquisitor's Hat
Irrlantern5L or 5R
Jack-o'-Mask1R and 2R
Jester's Cap
Kitsune Cap
Laced Top Hat
Laddie's Cap1L
Lantern5L or 5R
Launch Helmet
Lawspeaker's Hat1L
Lawspeaker's Robes7L
Leather Armor3R-110045
Leather Backpack7R
Leather Boots9R1513
Leather Coat7L
Leather Merchant's Hat1L
Leather Pants8R-27534
Leek5L or 5R
Leonardo's Cap
Leprechaun's Hat
Linen Pants8L; 8R
Linen Shirt3L; 3R
Little Green Hat
Lute5L and 5R
Lynx Cape1L and 9L4
Lynx Claw Gloves4L5
Magician's Hat
Mammoth Guard3R10-551201520
Martian's Hat
Mask of the Green Man1R and 2R10
Melon Helm
Merchant's Pants8L; 8R
Merchant's Ring6L; 6R33333333
Merchant's Robe7L
Metal Axe5L or 5R
Metal Cauldron
Metal Saw5L or 5R
Metal Shovel5L and 5R
Meteoring6L; 6R155
Miner's Helm1L8524
Minstrel's Cap
Mohair Shirt3L; 3R
Molehide Pants8L; 8R
Monster Cap
Moose Hide Jacket3L; 3R
Mortar & Pestle5L and 5R
Mortar & Pestle Hat
Muckraker's Fedora
Mushroom Hat
Navy Bicorne
Nettle Pants8L; 8R
Nettle Shirt3L; 3R
Nurse Hat
Nut Beret
Occult Ring6L; 6R77
Oogie-Boogie Hat
Overgrown Tophat
Package Hat
Parasol Mushroom Hat
Patriotic Pilotka
Pearl Necklace2L
Pharaoh's Crown
Phrygian Cap
Pickaxe5L and 5R
Pilgrim's Hat
Pimp Hat
Pineapple Panama
Pink Bow
Pirate Captain's Hat
Pirate's Bandana
Plain Tabard7L
Plate Armor3R-101002515
Plate Boots9R-275
Plate Gauntlets4L-13024
Plate Greaves8R-10100188
Plate Helmet1L-26096
Plumber's Cap
Plumber's Plunger
Pointed Cap1L
Poor Man's Belt4R
Poor Man's Gloves4L
Potter's Wheel
Primitive Casting-Rod5L or 5R
Princess' Cone
Propeller Cap
Protest Sign
Quest Giver's Stump
Rabbit Hat
Rabbit Wizard's Hat
Rabbit's Foot Necklace2L32
Raider's Cap1L17064
Rainbow Shell Amulet2L23
Ranger's Boots9R5833
Ranger's Bow5L and 5R
Ranger's Cape1L and 9L
Ranger's Pants8L; 8R
Ranger's Shirt3L; 3R
Rasta Cap
Rat Hat
Rattlesnake Stetson
Red Corsair's Hat
Reindeer Cape1L and 9L2
Reindeer Parka3L; 3R
Rhubarb-Plumed Helmet
Ring of Brodgar (Jewelry)6L; 6R55
Robin Hat
Rope Walk
Royal Crown1L
Rudolf Kit
Rusalka's Water Moccasins9R
Safari Hat
Sailor's Cap
Santa's Cap
Saucepan Hat
Scarecrow's Hat
Scarlet Gown7L
Scythe5L and 5R
Seal Hide Hoses8L; 8R1
Seer's Hood1L and 9L
Seer's Shoes9R
Seer's Tunic7L
Shears5L or 5R
Sherlock Hat
Sherrif's Hat
Silk Gloves4L
Silver for the Ferryman6L; 6R
Sledgehammer5L and 5R
Sleuth's Hat
Sling5L or 5R
Smithy's Hammer5L or 5R
Snakeskin Belt4R
Snakeskin Boots9R
Spinning Wheel
Splint5L or 5R
Spring Wizard's Hat
Squid Hat
Starfox Cap
Starry Wizard's Hat
Stone Axe5L or 5R
Straw Cape9L
Straw Hat1L
Strawberry Hat
Strawberry Santa
Sultan's Turban
Sun Visor
Swan Feather Cape9L
Taxidermist's Top
Thane's Helm1L-19088
Thane's Ring6L; 6R1057
The Abominable Snowman1R and 2R
The Green Hero's Cap
The Perfect Hole6L; 6R
Thinking Cap
Tiger Bowler
Tinfoil Hat
Torch5L or 5R
Totem Hat
Traffic Cone
Traveller's Sack5L or 5R
Troll Belt4R
Turkey Topper
University Mortarboard
Valentine's Cylinder
Valentine's Top
Vapntreyiu3L; 7L10034
Victorian Bowler
Viking Helm
Völva's Wand5L and 5R
Walrus Boots9R21
Walrus Cape1L and 9L12
Wanderer's Bindle5L or 5R
Welding Mask
Whaler's Jacket3L; 3R3175
Wicker Picker5L or 5R
Wilderness Skis7R
Wind Top Hat
Winged Cap
Winged Helmet1L1250106
Witch Hat
Wolf Cape1L and 9L42
Wolverine Boots9R
Wood Gnome's Cap
Wooden Roundshield5L or 5R7531
Wooden Shovel5L and 5R
Woodland Crown1L
Woodsman's Axe5L or 5R
Woodsman's Tunic3L; 3R
Woodsman's Ushanka1L
Wool Pants8L; 8R
Wool Shirt3L; 3R
Yule Top